Display Screen Equipment Regulations — not worth the pdf they are written on?

Take, for example, screen fatigue/computer vision syndrome.

Currently, only 10% of employers are compliant with DSE regulations.

There is a glaring absence of any practical policy, advice or guidance from the HSE about the screens themselves and about screen use and how it affects Display Screen Equipment (DSE) users/operators.

No wonder 90% of employers just pay lip service to the regulations with a basic “tick-box” approach to compliance.

Microsoft incorporated system settings to adjust screen settings.

Though some have sadly been removed in Windows 10 adjustments remain available in the settings.

And that brings us back to the Chicken and Egg of which comes first — Disability or being Disabled by over-exposure?

Regulations are currently at the 2018 ISO 45001 “Work Exposure Limits” stage, in association with the 2018 WCAG 2.1 Accessibility Standards and UK Governments Accessibility Regulations, with a compliance deadline that was set for September 2020.



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